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Contour Comfort Insoles
Pressure Relief Insole

Contour Comfort Insoles

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These contour comfort insoles offer long lasting comfort for athletic and casual shoes or boots.  The integrated gel padding provides extra comfort where it's most important. The contour styling provides support to the arch and heel for better comfort and control. 

  • Metatarsal Pad: A low-density gel pad to help relieve pressure on the forefoot.
  • Heel Strike Pad: A high-density gel pad to absorb impact and protect the heel.
  • Low Profile: Cushioning is designed to take up less space in the shoe.
  • Arch Support: To fill the space between the shoe and the arch to help support the foot.
  • Heel Cup: The back is contoured to help control the motion of the foot. 
  • Directions: Remove the current insole from the shoe.  Insert insole into the shoe.  Trim the insole with scissors if necessary.